Is An Instagram Business Account Worth It?

Instagram Business Account

How to Set Up An Instagram Business Account

Step 1: The Set Up

To set up an Instagram business account first, you are going to want to download and launch the Instagram App.

Step 2: Go to the Settings Menu

Once you have created an account on Instagram or are already signed in… head over to your profile section. Once you see your feed and profile click the cogwheel icon at the top right corner. Scroll down the options until you see “Switch to Business Profile”. This will allow you to change your account from a normal account into an Instagram business account.

Step 3: Switch to a Business Profile

Click on the switch to business profile option and you will be redirected to Facebook. Once on Facebook, make sure that you have created a Facebook Page for your account or already have one. Then select the page that applies to your profile.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Profile

Now that you have linked your Instagram profile and your Facebook page you can begin filling out your profile. Once you have a couple of posts you can begin using the advantages of Instagram business accounts.

Benefits of An Instagram Business Account

#1 Easier to Land Clients

With an Instagram business account, you can land clients directly on Instagram. Before Instagram business accounts you had to through to a business’s website to contact them. Now you can simply implement a special button so users can contact you directly through the app. You can use this button to have users email you, call you or find you on a map. Therefore, you can attract more business opportunities through the platform while building your following.

#2 Access to Instagram Analytics

Having access to Instagram analytics inside the Instagram account is one of the best advantages to having a Instagram business account. This tool provides you detailed information on who your followers are, where they live and the best times to post. This can also be a huge advantage because you now have the ability to see which posts perform the best. You can then repost those posts or post photos like those to create more engagement, followers and drive account growth.

#3 See the Best Times to Post

One of the best features of having an Instagram business account is the ability to map when you receive the most engagement. Engagement on the platform is crucial to your account growth and allows you to attract more followers. When you post at times that you’re followers are actively on Instagram, your post will get more exposure and you have the ability to land on the Instagram Explore Page.

#4 Able to Easily Advertise on Instagram

Another feature of having an Instagram business account is the ability to easily advertise on the platform. Once you have a business account you can promote any of your photos to specific Facebook Audiences. This allows more people to view your add and can help build your account as well. As they want businesses to use their Ad services the platform caters towards business accounts and will actively help self-promote your account.

#5 Add Links to Stories

If your account has over 10,000 followers you now have the ability to add links to your stories. Therefore, you can drive your followers or traffic to a particular landing page, opt-in page or even you contact now section. This can be extremely valuable because you can drive traffic to any page on the web.

#6 Get found Easier

When you have an Instagram business account you have the ability to beat the Instagram algorithm. With all of the in-depth tools they give your account, you can attract more exposure and start building a loyal audience. With the Instagram analytics, you can find out which posts are performing the best and use those insights to drive more exposure and promote your account.

Create An Instagram Business Strategy

When first starting an Instagram business account you are going to want to create a business strategy. In other words, this is going to be your plan for your content on Instagram. For example, are you going to turn your followers into email list subscribers, are you going to convert them into direct sales, or are you trying to create brand exposure?

Building Your Instagram Business Account

Building an Instagram account can be a ton of tedious work and not to mention even more when trying to build an Instagram business account. Therefore, in this article, we have included 3 ways to help build your Instagram business account to drive more followers, engagement and sales.

#1 Use The Right Hashtags

Tagging the right hashtags to your Instagram posts is essential because it allows you to receive new exposure and drive engagement. Instagram posts that include hashtags benefit you by driving new valuable followers and help you reach a bigger audience.

Make sure that you analyze the hashtags you are tagging before you post. Try to use hashtags that have aren’t competitive by other accounts in your space, but get tagged often. Normally we tag our posts with hashtags that have around 50,000 to 100,000 posts tagged.

Hashtags for Instagram Engagement

#2 Engage With Your Followers

An overall way to boost your Instagram engagement is to engage with your followers. If you have some spare time over the weekend, go on Instagram and leave some likes and comments on your follower’s posts. This will bring them back to your account and establish you as a real person.

#3 Repost Your Best Posts

Discover which posts of yours receive the highest engagement and copy those posts. Literally, once you have a killer post simply wait a couple weeks and reuse the post! There’s nothing wrong with posting content again. Just make sure you delete the old post.

Repost Instagram Engagement

If you’re interested in more way’s to build your account and increase engagement overall checkout our post on:

20 Ways to Drive More Instagram Engagement.

Create Content For An Instagram Business Account

Creating content for your Instagram business account can be somewhat tricky as you don’t know what type of posts your followers interact with and have to achieve measurable results. However, there is an easy way to figure out which photos to post. Basically, all you need to do is look at other people in your niche. For example, if you are a real estate agent look at what other real estate agents post. This will give you a great example of what you should be posting to your Instagram business account.

Some example of what you could post are:

#1 Repost Your Customers Posts

You could tell your followers to take posts of your business or photos you post towards a certain hashtag. Once you have established a couple followers who have showcased your business, repost those photos. This will benefit both you and your customer, which will lead to even more people engaging with your account and posting photos will your tag.

#2 Find Content to Post on Unsplash

If you are unaware what Unsplash is… it is a resource for free images. Photographers post their photos for online use. Therefore, you have the ability to search for images located around your niche and post those photos. If you want to check out Unsplash click here.

Growing Your Instagram Business Account

We know that it can be challenging for you a business owner or busy individual to focus solely on Instagram. That’s when we come in. Growth Hustlers is built to help you maximize your social media channels so you can put more time back into your business. If you are interested in growing your account(s) with us check out our products.

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