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Facebook Marketing Service

Growing a social media presence on Facebook is not as easy as it uses to be. Nowadays individuals and businesses are fighting each other for followers. Unless you're that 1/1,000,000 who gets lucky, growing a Facebook Page takes time and lots of hard work. However, there are services such as this one designed for businesses and individuals who want to create a presence on Facebook but may not have the time or expertise to do so. This service allows for you to have the heavy lifting of Facebook off your back and put more time into yourself, your product/service or your business.

What you can expect:

1,000-5,000 Likes

Our team of social media experts will work with you to provide results for your page. We will use proven Growth Hustlers strategies to dominate.

A Unique Strategy

You will recieve a hand-crafted strategy going our who your target user is and proven ways to reach the auidence that your user is in.

A Montly Report

A Growth Hustlers staff member will send you an email with a monthly report of new follower activity, statistics and an analysis of your Facebook Page.

What we need from you:
Access to the Facebook Page ( Add Growth Hustlers in your Facebook Page Settings) 
 Information on your target auidence 
Any direct competitors you have on Facebook with a large following
You will be redirected to a page after checkout where you will fill this information in 

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