Growth Hustlers: Where Did We Come From?

Although, Growth Hustlers has recently been founded. The concepts and ideas for Growth Hustlers have been planned, learned and made over countless years. Our journey begins all the way back in 2013, which doesn't seem like that long ago, anyways Instagram was just beginning to create its name as the new social media platform.

I quickly jumped on the platform because it seemed like everyone around me was doing the same. We all thought... is this the new Facebook? Fast forward a couple months and I was looking for a way to stand out on the platform. That's when I started learning how to market on Instagram. I remember I first starting out on the platform looking for a way to showcase my photos (At the time I was extremely into photography). Fast forward some more and I learned some key concepts which allowed my personal Instagram account to grow to over 10,000 followers, which at the time was insane!

Although, I have since stopped posting on the account feel free to check it out for yourself. @suffrage.

I knew I had some unique skills and was looking for a way to monetize upon those. One way I saw others making a dollar on the platform was shoutouts. These influencer accounts had just started to receive traction on Instagram and I knew I had to get in on it. Then I began to create tons of content and promoted all my pages heavily. One of the textpost accounts I created grew to over 100,000 Instagram followers. However, I didn't see the returns on it I was looking for so I ended up selling it... bad mistake.

Alright, back to how I founded Growth Hustlers. After about a year of promoting myself on the platform, I realized there must be something greater I could do with these skills I had acquired. Since I had background knowledge in web development and creating businesses online one day I decided I could make a site that would not only benefit social media users through content, but could also assist companies, small businesses, and individuals conquer the world of social media. This is when Growth Hustlers was born.

I figured that if I could get myself thousands of followers, why couldn't I do the same for others? I could help increase their exposure, followers, and sales.

Fast forward some more after a year of a ton of web development we have officially filed as an LLC and the business is just beginning.

So... now that you know a little about me. We would love for you to join us on this journey and join Growth Hustlers.