Best Restaurants in Monterey, California According to Social Media

We had the idea to search through the world of social media and find the best restaurants in Monterey, California. You may be wondering why Monterey? Well… Monterey is the birthplace of Growth Hustlers. Therefore, we feel it is important to support and showcase the best local restaurants.

Best Restaurants In Monterey, California


If you are in downtown Carmel and looking for a great restaurant Vesuvio is an amazing option. This is one of the best restaurants in Monterey due to the fact that they serve excellent food. The location, food, and service are all amazing at this restaurant. They also include an upper patio which provides a great space to have a cocktail. Not to mention that they have a great wall, which includes all the famous people who have been to the restaurant.


Rosines is a personal favorite restaurant, not only because they are killing it on social media, but the food is wonderful. They include everything from burgers to pastries. This is the go-to place on the Monterey Peninsula for cakes, desserts and exceptional food. My favorite part of this restaurant is that they allow you to customize your cake.

Little Napoli 

If you’ve never been to the Monterey Peninsula I highly recommend checking out this restaurant. They provide quality Italian food that tastes amazing plus are located directly in downtown Carmel.

Lalla Grill 

Lalla Grill kills it on social media as well as they are a great place to get great food. They are personally one of my favorite restaurants in Monterey due to the fact that space is used very well. Firstly, they are located in the heart of Monterey, which is the Del Monte Center. Secondly, they have a great outdoor space which allows them to showcase their amazing quality with outdoor seating under a heated patio.

Sardine Factory 

If you are on the Monterey Peninsula and looking for a place to go dine at night this restaurant is dominating. They provide an exclusive sort of feel which adds to the scene of Monterey. Due to the fact that Monterey was one of the biggest fish producers in the world this restaurant really showcases that. The history of Monterey really resonates with this restaurant and not to mention the food is amazing.

Tarpy’s Roadhouse

Another one of the best restaurants in Monterey is Tarpy’s Roadhouse. Located on the centralized highway towards Salinas Tarpys is definitely a necessary stop. Their business has been booming since the 1900’s and has always been adapting to the new circumstances of the growing Monterey Peninsula. They provide excellent food and I’ve been going here for years.

The Bench

This restaurant in Monterey is owned and managed by Pebble Beach Resorts. Located on the 18th hole of the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Course, this restaurant showcases the beauty aspect of Pebble Beach. The restaurant is not only elegant but provides amazing service and wonderful food. If you are ever in the Monterey Peninsula, I highly suggest checking this place out and ordering the bread balloon.

La Bicyclette 

Another restaurant in Monterey that is located in downtown Carmel is La Bicyclette. This restaurant provides a sort of wonder into the Italian lifestyle as they have references to Italy all over the restaurant. They even have seating inside a “Italian House”. This is one of my personal favorite restaurants on Monterey because they do well on social media and provide their customers with a true Italian experience from the food to how the restaurant is set up.


I’m sure if you are visiting or live in the Monterey Peninsula you’ve heard of Nepenthe. This restaurant is well known all over the world and is a perfect destination. If you’re taking a trip down to the Big Sur coast you need to stop here. This restaurant has an amazing view of Big Sur and easily accessible from the highway. They also seem to be dominating on social media amassing over 2,000 followers.

Anton And Michel 

This restaurant showcases a side of true excellence as you are served by wonderful waiters that all provide the experience. If you look out the glass windows in this Downtown Carmel restaurant you are able to see a wonderful patio which shows an elegant fountain. This is a personal favorite restaurant for date night.

Baja Cantina 

If you manage to be taking a trip to Carmel Valley and are looking for Mexican food this is the place for you. This restaurant showcases their authentic appeal as a roadhouse. Inside the restaurant, there are license plates from all over the States. They manage to create a country roadhouse type of feel while providing amazing food options as well as mixing two cultures together. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Monterey, California.

Rocky Point Restaurant 

Another great restaurant located down the coast. This restaurant showcases the true vibe of Big Sur. The restaurant provides a laidback feel of true greatness as you look out over the Pacific Ocean. They’re doing a great job on social media of showcasing their restaurant and enticing people to check it out. If you decide to take a trip down to through Big Sur make sure you stop and check this restaurant out.

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